All my favorite skin care products

| Cleanser | Moisturizer | Eye Glow Stick | SPF40 | Brightening Primer | eye serum |

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Step 1:  First I cleanse my face with the Tula cleanser. I LOVE this cleanser because it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin. It’s definitely not drying. To remove makeup, I first apply THIS CLEANSING OIL. I’ve used this cleanser combo for a few years now. A few months ago I started using this Cleanser + Vit C duo and my skin has loved it too! It’s on the pricier side but if you’re looking for another option, I’d check out this brand!

Step 2: Toning.  I used to skip this step but I added toner  into my routine and love it.  I smooth it all over my face before I apply my serums! 

Step 3. Apply Serum!  This is one of my favorite parts of my routine!  Eye Serum has hyaluronic acid in it which helps with hydration and anti-aging. I use the Vitamin C serum during the day. I use the Hyaluronic Acid serum at night. I also occasionally mix this Brightening RoseHip Oil with a moisturizer at night and my face is always extra glowy in the morning!

Step 4: Moisturize!  This is probably the most important step, aside from washing my face every night. It’s all about hydration!  I’ve been using the Tula overnight repair treatment for almost 2 years and I swear by it!  It keeps my face hydrated all night.  I apply it after my serum at night after I wash my face. 

Step 5: Under-eye care!  This is so so important.  The skin around our eyes can wrinkle the fastest because it’s incredibly thin, so making sure you’re using a good under-eye cream or serum is key!  I LOVE this dime Luminosity and Eye boost serum. I use it every morning and night.

The most common question I get is, “I’ve never invested money or time into skincare, where do I even start?!” I would start with a good moisturizer and sunscreen. Then begin adding antioxidants with the serums! A vitamin C serum during the day to brighten and protect your skin and a hyaluronic acid serum at night to plump and hydrate. Next, invest in a retinol to apply at night. If you’re having specific skin struggles, go see a dermatologist! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below! xo

| Eyelash boost serum | Luminosity eye serum |

Dime Discount code : Janene for 20% off

| Microdermabrasion Wand | Nourishing Face Mask |

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7 Years Cancer Free

Celebrating the strongest girl who fought the hardest fight. You’re the sassiest, baddest, and most beautiful babe we know. There’s no one like you. I shared a short video on Instagram HERE. I also saved fun videos from the weekend HERE IN MY STORIES. Check it out!

“Don’t hide your scars. Wear them as proof that God heals.”

This week was the anniversary from when Mel was first told she had triple negative breast cancer. We were all sitting around at a play date with our 2 year old firstborns. WE WERE SHOOK. She went through so much over the years and this week we spontaneously kidnapped her in celebrating of her 7th survivor-versary. We wanted to treat her to a weekend to honor the queen she is. We love you Mel!!!

Celebrating Rowen’s 1st birthday!! Mel and I met when our firstborns were 10 months old! I showed up to a playdate that a girl had setup at a baby gym. I didn’t know anyone, haha! I saw this cute girl Mel chatting about her son’s first birthday plans. I told her that I was planning a Winter ONEderland since Savannah’s birthday was a few days after Christmas. Wellllll whadya know, Rowen’s 1st birthday party was going to be a Winer ONEderland too! I knew I would love her from that moment on haha. We met up with a group of 10 of us girls for a playdate a few times a week. Our mama’s group planned annual trips starting in 2013 up until last year! We met on an online website called Baby Buddies (I don’t know if it still exists?). It was like a tinder but for new moms, haha. Girls would arrange played and I’d rsvp and show up with Savannah ready to play while not knowing a single soul there. Some of us connected more easily. We went through EVERYTHING together. All of these friendships were so important to me for that new mama season I was in the thick of experiencing. Some have moved. Some maintained busier jobs. Some formed other friendships. Over the last 9+ years of knowing them, I’m forever grateful for how much my heart needed them during those emotionally and physically exhausting years. They helped me truly understand how I never needed to feel guilty for not being the perfect mom. Our playdates, girl night outs, one-on-one sessions were allowing safe spaces to express heartaches, successes, and failures. Shoulders to cry on during divorces, miscarriages, moves, job losses, etc.. I whole-heartedly believe people find their way into our souls to help us through those seasons. And I’m forever thankful each of them allowed me to play a role in their lives.

My best advice for new moms… If you see a mom that you wanna get to know, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Get her phone number. Arrange the playdate. Plan the dinner. Just got for it! Don’t worry about the “what ifs”. We only have one life to live and mamas need a support group.

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Cute Outfit Ideas!

| target jeans | Abercrombie top | white sneakers | bracelet | necklace | sunglasses | earrings | long necklace |

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Hot Tubbin’

Let’s jump right in to share allllllll the details about the Master Spas Clarity Hot Tub we purchased in January! We moved into our home 3.5 years ago and the best selling point for me was the beautiful pool! We have loved every bit of it and decided last year it would be worth the investment to turn our backyard into a more livable/entertaining space. During the spring when it was still super cold, we spent nearly every night in the hot tub as a family. And when the pool was almost, but not quite warm enough, the kids would go between the hot tub and pool and play for hours! Aaron loves the therapeutic back relief from the massaging jets and heat. He’ll often jump in at night for 20 minutes if his back is feeling extra tight.

When we started looking at hot tubs early last year, they all had a 6+ month waiting list. Ugh. We also were saving up for the backyard renovation (extending the patio and fire pit space), so I put the hot tub on the back-burner considering the waiting list. Well, for Christmas, Aaron scheduled a surprise visit to a local hot-tub dealer for us to take the plunge. He had been secretly researching all the different brands and he knew how much I wanted this! We looked at all the hot tubs and learned about the different colors for the inside and outer shell, sizing, jets, etc. We loved darker grey color for the exterior and a white on the inside. If you get a dark color on the inside, you won’t be able to see the glowing lights as well. A white interior was a no-brainer! We chose the Clarity Balance 8 to comfortably fit our family and for its 48 massaging jets. As far as the timeline, once we put in the order it would take 6 months for it to be delivered to our home. BUT, Master Spas looked at their inventory and saw they had 1 grey hot tub with a white interior shell that was in stock. It could be delivered to our home in 2 weeks. DONE. YES.

Most Common Hot Tub Questions:

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Well heyyyyyyyy there! Aaron and I share a birthday week in April and so we skipped town to jet off to Mexico to celebrate together! It was our first visit to Cancun and it was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation! We were on the flight out to Mexico when I started thinking about how fun and sweet it would be to get some photos on the beach with just the 2 of us. I booked a photographer for our last day of the vacation while I was on the plane to Mexico, haha! I’m a last-minute, spontaneous creature.

And after 5 days of soaking up all the yummy buffets and restaurants, we slipped into our snug-fitting bathing suits and hit the Tulum beach at sunrise. Watching the sun come up is not something on my vacationing bucket-list (because #sleep, ha!) but seeing the colors explode over the ocean was quite possibly the prettiest scene we saw that week.

I posted the photos to my instagram page here. Our photographer was the beautiful Silvia.

We spent the next hour doing our best to not let our awkwardness show through the lens. Which meant there were tons of explicit conversations whispered between the two of us. The BEST part was when our photog asked me to hop onto Aaron’s shoulders. Well, sure! Our skin was slippery with lotion and sea water as he bent down for me to straddle the back of his head to get the fun shot. I successfully straddled his head while he started to lift up from his squatting position to a standing position. The higher he went the faster I slipped right off and plunged face first into the ocean. Scroll down to see the pic of our resurrected photo with us still laughing while my eyes were burning from the salt water. haha, good times. I adore these captured snapshots that are filled with silly memories. With our lives here on earth being so fleeting and temporary, time was the most precious gift we could’ve given to each other.

Aaron, you bring out the best in me. I don’t mean the most appropriate manners or whatever else the world expects of us. I mean you make me want to take risks, run wild, drive fast, act inappropriately, and pursue my dreams with a healthy passion. Around you, I start living. I couldn’t tell you if I loved you the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second or third or fourth. I described to my roommate that butterflies were exploding out of my tummy moments before you walked through my door to pick me up for that first and last blind date. But I remember the first moment I looked at you looking at me and realized that somehow the rest of the world seemed to vanish when I was with you. And that I couldn’t bare to lose you. My next breath came without hesitation.. “I love you!” I want you. I want your sleepy confused look when you wake in the morning. I want to be the hand you can’t help but touch when I’m within an arm’s reach. I want to explore the deepest corners of your mind. I want to be stubborn and quick-witted with you. I want to have differences between us and all the hard discussions. I want for you to trust me and for me to trust you. I want your flaws. All of them. I want to love you too much and too hard. Love is the only thing that outlives anything else I could give. I’ll love you forever.

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My Fav Makeup Products

Yesterday I chatted with yall on IG stories while getting ready with makeup for the Jurassic World Exhibition. The kids had a blast! Then my DM’s filled up with questions about what makeup I was using. Here is a fast cheat sheet for products inside my makeup bag!

SKINCARE PREP: Before I applied makeup, I washed my face with THIS and smoothed on THIS VITAMIN C SERUM. I let that dry for a minute and then I mix THIS MOISTURIZER (code: JANENE) with THIS TINTED SUNSCREEN (medium/dark). I let that dry for a few minutes and then applied a thin layer of THIS BRIGHTENING PRIMER (code: JANENE). I curled my hair to let my skincare and primer completely set before adding makeup.

Step By Step Makeup Routine:

  1. under eye brightening corrector (light/med)
  2. under eye brightening setting powder (color #1)
  3. cc+ cream (neutral med)
  4. bronzer and brush
  5. blush (that peach tho)
  6. highlighter stick
  7. mascara (code: JANENE)
  8. eyebrow pencil (taupe)
  9. setting spray (water mist glow)
  10. pink lip balm (orgasm)
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Backyard Fire Pit!

Nothing says cozy and comfortable like the nostalgic crackling of flames crackling in a backyard fire pit. One of our favorite things this warm season has been gathering friends and family, roasting hot dogs and making s’mores surrounding our own fire pit during cool spring nights.

We wanted an oasis in our backyard and went on the hunt for sustainable furniture that wouldn’t need replacing any time within the next few years! I’ll link everything below, can’t recommend these products enough!













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School’s Out! Texas Vacation

my shorts | cooler backpack | my sandals | sunglasses | insulated cup | rainbow swimsuits (25JANENE 25%) | girls pink slides | clear jelly shoes | black slides | black swim trunks

It’s official!!! School is out and summer vacation has begun! We booked 5 nights at our favorite family Texas resort JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa. If you want adjoining rooms, it’s easiest to call and book your trip. We’ve been to this resort 5 times since Avery was born and it’s been such a blast every year! The kids love all of the slides (there are 5 big ones!), the lazy river, large sand area, and the big hot tub. It’s a fantastic resort with yummy restaurants! In the past, we’ve never left the resort during our stay but this time we booked a few activities since this will be our only long trip during the summer (unless I can convince Aaron to close his office during his peak season 😉 Doubtful and I don’t blame him!). We spent the first few days playing all morning and night in the water park! Then on day 3, we jumped in the car and went to the Natural Bridge Caverns. YOU GUYS… it was unreal!

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Couples Vacation to Mexico

her white sneakers | his white sneakers | jean jacket | white luggage | pink backpack | ponytail ball-cap | jogger pant | bracelet | anklet | mask/sunglasses chain | his grey shirt | his jean sort | his sunglasses

sunglasses | sunglass chain | hoop earrings | bracelet | white dress (different) | white dress | white dress | tanning mousse | lip mask | necklace (different) | sandals

Couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate our birthdays!!! I turned 33 and he turned 35. Cancun was only a short 2+ hour flight from our home in Dallas, TX. We had never been to an all-inclusive resort with just the two of us and the idea of eating what we wanted whenever we wanted sounded like perfection! Our favorite kind of vacation is spent half with adventure and half being lazy as can be. I’d heard incredible things about HOTEL XCARET–everything from the food to the activities. It was all-inclusive, so we didn’t pay for anything other than our accommodations, tips, and souvenirs for the kids. I think we paid close to $3k for the accommodations. I’ll share a short recap of our experience and what we would or wouldn’t do again when we return with the kids! Definitely equally fantastic as an adults-only or family vacation.

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Cleaning Up the Easy Way!

steam mop | cordless vacuum | robot vacuum | corded vacuum | hard-floor cleaner solution | counter cleaner duster | bar stools | similar bar stools | refrigerator | double oven | white sink | backsplash tile | black cabinet pulls | brass cabinet pulls | gold canisters | blue island paint color | white cabinet paint color | vent hood | quartz countertop | floor | multi surface cleaner |

Sharing all of my favorite tried & true cleaning products! Everything from our vacuums to my steam mop that I use on my hardwood floors… I linked it all!

It’s the time of year when we spring clean! We sift through each closet and hiding spot. Decluttering and de-junking and deep-cleaning. I used to have a higher tolerance for disorder: piled up dirty laundry, dishes filling the sink, stuff literally everywhere.

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bar stools | my dress | girls dresses | boys white jacket | boys pant | easter basket | bunny ears | spring flowers | wood server tray | curling iron | fig plant | kitchen paint colors | wood floor details

Easter with these cute peeps 🐣 Notice anything different about the ears? Ethan slipped on the wolf ears so he could chase & eat the bunnies (aka his sisters)😂 Happy Easter!!! Spent the day the best way we know how with lots of homemade food & treats + egg hunts + the sweetest, most comforting assurance that I wasn’t meant to walk my path alone. Teary-eyed today as we chatted our way through breakfast with the kids about the added peace and purpose we feel because He is risen.

“TODAY we celebrate the gift of victory over every fall we have ever experienced, every sorrow we have ever known.” – Jeffrey Holland

Pop over to my INSTAGRAM POST to see Easter 3 years ago!

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Colorado Snowboarding Trip

my goggles | my helmet | my jacket | my ski pants | my ski gloves | his jacket | his ski pants | his ski gloves | his googles | my thermal top | my thermal bottom | black backpack | my neck warmer

4 kids that have never seen a snowboard AND aren’t comfortable with snow. Only 1 experienced snowboarder in this family and it ain’t me. Yet here we are!!! 4 full days of snowboarding for this family! And if you wanna see the cutest little video with clips of Aaron teaching Avery (3) to snowboard then tap HERE.

Snowboarding on the mountains was WILD with my minis! Learning a new sport together was the best thing that’s happened to us. I still can’t believe how incredible they all were! We stayed 5 nights in Breckenridge, Colorado and booked 4 full days of ski lifts. We spent about 6-7 hours each day on the mountain. We were the kids biggest hypes! Each morning we covered them in pep talks and fed them hearty breakfasts. Aaron wore a black backpack that we filled with a few water bottles, granola bars, and fruit snacks. I think the biggest help for having happy kiddos is keeping them warm while up on the mountain! Everyone needs a light thermal layer, heavier layer, and snow bib and jacket! We took 1 long lunch break and went back on our boards for the rest of the afternoon! I snapped a ton of videos while snowboarding and you can check out everyone here on my SNOW TRIP STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Can’t wait to take the kids snowboarding again next snowfall!

kid ski goggles | kid ski gloves | kid ski jacket | kids ski jacket | kids ski pants | kids ski pants | girl neck warmers | boy neck warmer | kids gloves | girl thermal | boy thermal | kids ski googles | kids ski googles |

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Adults Disney Trip

✨ Happiest Place on earth! (Photos all captured on my phone) We heard it wouldn’t feel magical at Disney and I have to say it 💯% felt dreamy to ride rollercoasters with Aaron late into the night, see Cinderella’s castle light up with fireworks, a zillion mini character parades, toasting our 1st frozen Butter Beer and hopping on Hagrid’s motorbike ride —my favorite ride in all the parks!🍻 (“It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live” -Dumbledore🧙‍♂️) You can view my Instagram share with videos on THIS POST and check out our family Disney World Trip HERE and our Disney World Cruise HERE!

We stayed at the Waldorf Orlando and it was lovely in every way. The room service was delicious and dinner at Bull & Bear was to die for. Highly recommend the caesar salad prepared table-side and the Fried Chicken. I booked a last minute deep tissue massage and it was one of the best I’ve ever had. The property was beautiful and service was impeccable. Will definitely stay here again!

We visited Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios, and Magic Kingdom. The weather was nice and cool which made wearing masks 24/7 no problem at all! We rode almost all the rides and popped a lot of Tylenol because #gettingold 😂 There aren’t any fast passes available and so our friend snagged a tour guide at each park to skip the line. (But lines were usually 30-60 minutes, not bad!) Such a fun weekend celebrating our sweet friend’s birthday and we can’t wait to bring the kids back next year!🤞🏼

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Green Chili Cheese Bread Recipe

My mom always made this hot, crispy, melty, cheesy and tangy bread as the yummiest dinner side when I was little. She always paired it with spaghetti and a salad. My kiddos crave it as much as I do and we make this to compliment most soups, pasta dishes, or as a late night snack.

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Magic Of Santa

The most magical experience with Santa!

It’s been such a wild year! We’ve cancelled birthday celebrations, vacations, family & friend experiences, school, work, etc… Just so many special memories have shifted into newer ones. The idea of spending time with Santa in his workshop, sharing cookies, reading stories, painting, and receiving hand-delivered gifts from his toy bag for each of the kids sounded magical!

We made it to our visit with Santa at Chris Fritchie Studios. It was fun, easy, and the entire experience was photographed. Now, we have these nostalgic portraits for the kids to remember their sweet experience with the magic of Santa!

Use code: SAVE50 to get $50 off the $125 session fee if you schedule HERE.

Scroll all the way down to see the story unfold! xo

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