Snake themed Birthday Party!

🐍Happy 10th Bday to our snake-lovin’ Savannah Jane. She asked for a snake party and this mama understood the assignment😂 The girls and I had fun in the kitchen all morning making a bunch of slitherin’ goodies, blowing up balloons, and inviting her favorite friends over to the house. Savannah spent the evening gobbling down her beloved homemade chili & cornbread dinner, painting wooden snakes with her girlfriends, laser tag in-the-dark in the backyard, hot tubbing while watching Matilda🎥, and blowing out double-digit candles on her homemade birthday cake!🎂 The kind of gal that wanted this party is exactly what makes her so lovable! I admire her confidence, kindness, uniqueness, and fearlessness. Happiest birthday, Savannah Jane🖤

Savannah asked me to make her a snake cake and I envisioned green colored fondant wrapped around Bundt cakes sliced in half to create that long creepy tail. It would’ve been a disaster on my end since I waited until 3 days before her party to plan the entire thing! In true fashion, I work well in chaos haha. I ordered on Amazon the balloons, green vines, 4 snakes to rest on top of her cake, wooden snakes and paint palates, snake bracelets and headbands for the girls, and Savannah’s rainbow snake top + black soft skirt. The snake-print top is actually a women’s size XS and it has a relaxed fit on her.. she’s OBSESSED with it!!

As for the food, I jumped on my computer and scrolled through Pinterest to find creepy crawler snack inspo! Boy did it come through!! I wrote a grocery list and ran to the grocery store! To nail down her cake, we skimmed through “snake cakes” and she showed me a few cakes and her favorite part of each design. They all looked super weird but I was past the shock factor at this point. Do snakes gross me out? Absolutely. Do I support her commitment? You bet lol. I picked up a large and small chocolate layer cake from our local grocery store. If you followed my Instagram stories, you probably caught my major doubts after an hour of decorating. It didn’t look promising😂. But the more I covered it with random crap, the better it looked. Wise words 😉

We did Snake Eyes Jello (grapes in green jello), Baby Snakes in Dirt (chocolate/vanilla pudding with crushed Oreos and gummy worms), Fruit Snakes (grapes + strawberries w/edible eyes), Snake Tails (fruit-by-the-foot), Popcorn & Worms, and these Gorgeous Snake Cookies! I overnighted a snake cookie cutter from Etsy and asked a talented decorator here in Frisco to make these stunning cookies!! I was so grateful for Beth since I KNOW it’s a busy season and she made these last-minute for us! Savannah also wanted a yummy blue drink, so I just grabbed a gallon from the store and used leftover cocktail cups from last New Year’s Eve. We turned down the lights, tossed confetti and twinkle lights everywhere, and were ready to party! She had the time of her life and I bet she’ll always look back on this birthday with the quirkiest and most fun memories!

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  1. Erica
    January 6, 2022 / 10:13 pm

    Amazing!!! Savannah gets more beautiful every year. You did such a good job making the theme come to life for her!! I have a bug-loving daughter (spiders are the fav); the only thing that would be worse for my fears is if she loved snakes, but she’d never know — the things we do for our daughters, haha!

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