HOME TOUR: Playroom Before & After

Happy Saturday! I’m so excited to share with you another room reveal in our home! I’m always a sucker for a good before & after transformation. And this room was a fun, whimsical space we created for the kid’s playroom. This is a bedroom we have upstairs that I intentionally declared a playroom. It’s further away from the kid’s jack-and-jill bedrooms. Yep, I’m certain the kid’s nightly parties would chill out if they all had 3 separate rooms but I LOVE having a space for them to hang out together and bring their friends. It’s filled with toys, books, and a cozy couch to lounge away their days. I still have a few things here and there I’d like to complete in this room after the holidays but for now, we love it! Scroll to the end of post for all sources linked!


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My 4 Favorite Tricks to Keep Skin Healthy During Dry Winter Months

It’s that time of year! We’re bundling up in our thermal jammies and long robes. The heater is kicked on and evenings of warm soup and bread in our kitchen. The weather is cool and we love everything this new season brings! Well, almost everything.

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Creating a Cozy Home for Family & Friends

Thank you to Tide for partnering with me!

A few weeks ago, this almost-winter season knocked on our door. Quite literally! The temperatures outside dropped from 80 degrees to 40 degrees in 1 day. It was nuts and we weren’t prepared to crash into the colder season. After the season skipped from summer to wintery-fall, it started to rain. A LOT. It rained relentlessly for what felt like 3 weeks. We got more rain than Seattle! I don’t know how your friends handle life when it’s so wet outside. 

My oldest went to her 1st grade class with an extra snug winter coat and high-water jeans.  haha. I’m so glad she’s too confident to feel embarrassed by her clothes. Now that the kids are outfitted with their winter clothes, they’re riding their bikes and scooters, playing at the park & school playground, we’re pushing strollers and wagons. It’s been a fun, few chilly and rainy weeks. View Post

HOME TOUR: Exterior German Smear Before & After!

YOU GUYS!!! There’s nothing that I love more than the planning and creating process of transforming a space into something I adore. I’ve been so passionate this year about designing the interior of our home. It’s something that uses all my creative juices. I have a unique and eclectic taste. I love a little modern, fun, contemporary, mid-century, romantic boho (you should see the kid’s playroom that I’m working on! Can’t wait to share!), simple, clean, bold, etc.. I love it all. I carry around bits and pieces of each style that flows into the next room. I’ve realized that I haven’t asked for much advice from anyone about our home because I want it to reflect everything I love instead of someone else’s style or trend. And honestly, I’m so opinionated about my funky style in our house that I’m afraid to hear that someone else doesn’t like it, haha. By making sure that I’m undeniably obsessed with everything I put in our home, it’s become a sanctuary that sparks joy. And thank YOU for popping over to this corner of mine. It’s because of YOU that I’m able to use my passions to redesign spaces and support my family. I couldn’t do ANY of this without your support. All the messages, comments, and love.. I read every single note you send and it melts me. I feel too lucky to have such kind readers!!! I pray and hope to be a place of encouragement and information. Have a question? Drop it in the comments below!

I am so excited to finally share the exterior transformation of our house! This has been a long time coming. We started planning in the spring, began the 1st project beginning of July, and finally finished everything in late October. I’ll share all the details including the cost and colors on this German Smear project and Paint project! View Post

Home Tour: Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

I am so excited to share with y’all a sweet, girl’s bedroom makeover! From my last blog/Instagram post, I’ve had so many of ya’ll asking where everything is from, so I’m including all of these gems for you here! We filled my 6.5 year old’s room with all things vintage floral and bohemian lace. It turned out great and it’s become one of my favorite spots in the house. The kids are usually bouncing from room to room, and hanging out on their beds is definitely one of their favorite places to be. I’ve linked all sources at the bottom of the post, just scroll all the way down to find the direct links. View Post