Hi! I’m Janene. I’m the wife to my college sweetheart whose made me a mama to these 4 beautiful babes. A 7-year-old spirited girl, 5-year-old Boy & Girl twins that absolutely adore each other through an unrecognizable chit-chat and throw-down wrestling, and our ever-adored, tiny caboose baby girl.

I created Hello Ivory Rose to jot down my motherhood journey with its rewarding highs and heartbreaking lows. Raising these darlings can pull the worst from me, but with the grace of God, it blesses me with the most sanctifying love for my family and for myself. I also have a passion for home interiors, fashion, fitness, and nutrition, and adore being a group fitness instructor and LOVE sharing my experience and advice about staying active and healthy … but Diet Coke and chocolate are my jam. I love sharing my raw experiences, and by creating this little space I can now do that with you!