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Yesterday I chatted with yall on IG stories while getting ready with makeup for the Jurassic World Exhibition. The kids had a blast! Then my DM’s filled up with questions about what makeup I was using. Here is a fast cheat sheet for products inside my makeup bag!

SKINCARE PREP: Before I applied makeup, I washed my face with THIS and smoothed on THIS VITAMIN C SERUM. I let that dry for a minute and then I mix THIS MOISTURIZER (code: JANENE) with THIS TINTED SUNSCREEN (medium/dark). I let that dry for a few minutes and then applied a thin layer of THIS BRIGHTENING PRIMER (code: JANENE). I curled my hair to let my skincare and primer completely set before adding makeup.

Step By Step Makeup Routine:

  1. under eye brightening corrector (light/med)
  2. under eye brightening setting powder (color #1)
  3. cc+ cream (neutral med)
  4. bronzer and brush
  5. blush (that peach tho)
  6. highlighter stick
  7. mascara (code: JANENE)
  8. eyebrow pencil (taupe)
  9. setting spray (water mist glow)
  10. pink lip balm (orgasm)

I’ll also include some other makeup that’s been show in my tutorial looks! Drop any questions you have in the comment box below.

| tinted sunscreen | tinted moisturizer | translucent setting powder | cc+ cream | contour stick | under eye brightening corrector | stay-in place foundation (2C3 fresco)| eyebrow pencil | shape tape | eyeliner | Mac face powder | lip sleep mask | Pink lip balm | lip serum | tanning water | make up brushes | eye shadow palate | beauty blender | mascara | Mac lipstick | highlighter stick | bronzer

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  1. Laura
    September 19, 2021 / 8:50 am

    Can we see how you do your eye makeup?

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