Sidewalk Scene With Twin Officers

Even after decades of the Don’t Mess With Texas campaign, we’ve still got litterbugs. These litterbugs roam the sidewalks while tossing their sucker sticks and juice boxes, and the like. They’re small, but it’s still trash.

It’s a good thing we have our very own twin SWAT team in-house, Officers Crossley & Crossley. When they saw litter flying out of young, 2 year old Avery Crossley’s scooter early last week they pulled her over. Whether the litter violation was intentional or accidental was irrelevant. While Officers Crossley & Crossley were recording the make & model of Avery’s vehicle, she erratically took off and evaded the officers. Keep scrolling to see how the situation played out. None of us knew how exactly it would go down but we sure had a lot of belly laughs watching it unfold.

Thank goodness for the Officer’s Super Cool SWAT Truck found at Walmart! In the SWAT Truck, the kids can flip the red switch to activate emergency sirens and headlights while also giving orders in the loud remote speaker. Walmart has great toys coming out and you can find the new toys by directly clicking on the New Toy’s tab. We also snagged the fun Officer Costumes from Walmart. Avery’s darling Trike Scooter is linked here from Walmart! I saw this Awesome Wooden Swing Set in the New Toy’s section and it looks incredible for the price.

Thanks Walmart for partnering with me on this post!

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  1. Jessica Cope
    October 2, 2019 / 6:54 pm

    I’ve never been on a vacation and I’m 45 so you choosing me would be a blessing I would defame my daughter!!

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