DIY: Spooky Spider House!

Happy Fall, y’all!

It’s that time of year to pull out all the spooky critters and tricks! We haven’t decided on halloween outfits yet but the house is decorated and the kids absolutely love it! The kids all love the idea of decking the house out in creepy crawlers. And if y’all saw on my instagram stories, the neighborhood kids all got a good scare when my hubby Aaron was hanging up the spiders when suddenly he was attacked by the BIG HAIRY SPIDERS. Half of the on-looking neighborhood kids were terrified while the other half were trying to convince themselves that it was all fake. haha.

I’m super excited to share this highly requested tutorial explaining how to hang these spiders on the exterior of a home! Y’all ready for it? It’s super complicated <wink wink>.

All you need are these LARGE SPIDERS and SMALL SPIDERS and a HOT GLUE GUN. Easy Peasy. We used these last year on our house and they all held up perfectly in the high winds and storms. We glued the spiders on to both the brick and siding, and after the holiday they came off very easily without ANY damage. You can also snag THESE MUMS or THESE MUMS from Walmart. I picked up THIS WREATH, so darling and super affordable! I saw THESE PUMPKINS and they come in a bunch of festive colors. They would make for an easy transition into Thanksgiving as well! My girls were shopping with me at the store and they freaked when they came across THESE CAT EARS & TAIL. The girls dressed up with minimal effort and I didn’t even wear any makeup underneath the drawn-on cat whiskers! They would have loved THIS CATWOMAN COSTUME or THIS BATGIRL TUTU COSTUME. Ethan is a true and true Batman. He adores this BATMAN COSTUME. It’s so affordable and will double as a dress-up outfit for the next 1-2 years! Hope your Halloween decorating is off to a great start!!

| black & orange spider |

Thanks Walmart for partnering with me on this post!


  1. Kerry
    September 25, 2020 / 3:41 pm

    Hello! I purchased these exact spiders this year, but I have been struggling on how to attach them to our brick. I came across your post, and I wanted to ask if you had any issues with the spiders coming off during bad weather or high winds. I can’t believe it’s as easy as hot gluing! I so want this to work? Thanks in advance!

    • Janene
      October 2, 2020 / 9:11 pm

      We will have one or two legs need re-gluing over the month, but that’s even with pretty windy/stormy weather in north Texas! And then you just scrape them off to take them down. My hubby uses a flat head screw driver and they almost always come off in one piece of glue. Best of luck!

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