HOME TOUR: Master Bedroom + Minimalism

Y’all know I love a good before & after! And this room is near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons.

Our master bedroom is complete and I’m excited to show you around! I linked everything down towards the bottom of this post. And if I missed anything, drop your questions & comments and I’ll get right back to you!

Our bedroom was one of the last spaces I put together. I think that’s very telling about how easy it is to put myself on the back-burner! Anyone else? Yep, I hear you sister. My room became the catch-all spot. Having guests over? Toss all the miscellaneous clutter in my room. Don’t know where to put that? Toss it in my room. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Each night, I’d settle in my room and didn’t even notice the junk piling up. But at the same time, I’d subconsciously take inventory of all the clutter and my mind wasted so much time trying to organize everything in my head. Enough was enough. I was tired of not liking my bedroom and so I committed to making my space a sanctuary. A place I could walk into and feel inspired and peaceful. A spot where I could rest and allow myself to think creatively. Because being creative takes a lot of energy. And instead of wasting that mental energy on seeing so much junk piled up, I can relax with a clear mind.

So where did all the junk go???

I had to reevaluate why I had SO MUCH STUFF and not enough storage. The truth was, I had plenty of storage space but I had issues with getting rid of things I didn’t use regularly, or even need. Yeah, I could maybe use it in the future, but so many things were not needed anymore. So I had to get real uncomfortable and let go and donate so many things that didn’t serve a purpose in my life anymore. For me, I struggle to get rid of stuff because either 1) I have a fear I might possibly need it in the future or 2) I don’t want to let go of something that was once valuable to me. As soon as I let go of these fears, it was easy (and super rewarding) to go through my stuff and donate what didn’t serve our family anymore. We started this process about 2 years ago when we watched “Minimalism” on Netflix and have steadily been working on things since then. But as you can tell from my before picture from less than 1 year ago…it’s a process! If you check out my HOME TOUR tab in the top right of this page, you’ll see this trend in how we’ve chosen to set-up our home.

After getting rid of the clutter, the easy way to keep this room clean is by spending 10 minutes each night putting away everything I’ve left out during the day. It’s much easier to clear up small messes often than to find time to put away huge messes. Am I right? I snapped this picture below when I was figuring out chandeliers. I thought my room looked pretty clean and decent at the time haha. No shame in sharing this with y’all here.

The girls playing with our Valentine’s roses 🙂

For the last 10 years, I’ve been buying and painting furniture. I’ve always loved the shabby chic vintage look and since my budget couldn’t afford anything else, it’s what I became good at! I found very used wood furniture and painted + distressed everything. When we sold our last home, I sold most of the furniture along with it. With our bedroom, we wanted furniture that was great quality and would last. I found my dream pieces from Joybird. They were made to order and our mouths literally dropped to the floor when the pieces were delivered. The quality of the bed, dresser, and nightstand are out of this world. All the furniture was made the old-fashioned way. Each piece was designed, cut, glued, screwed, upholstered, and finished by a skilled Joybird craftsperson in the US.

ACCENT WALL: We built an accent wall! Well by we, I mean my husband and his dad haha. I absolutely LOVE the wall we did in MY OFFICE and knew that I wanted to carry it over into our room. We did the same design, but since the wall and room were bigger, the spaces between the vertical boards was bigger too. I love how it turned out! If you’re interested in building your own, my husband shared all the details including materials + measurements + cost on this post called How To: Building an Accent Wall. It’s not expensive and only takes a few hours! (*Update from original how to: For this room, they didn’t hang all of the vertical boards first, and fill in the horizontals after. They hung the far left vertical board, then the horizontals for that space, and then butted up the next vertical to those horizontals… It was a lot easier and faster this way.)

I came across Sarah Hickey’s artwork from INNERGLOW ART last year and immediately felt it was the perfect single art piece to add to our room. I fell in love with her style! I knew that she’d be the perfect person to complete our bedroom after I read her story: “Each abstract piece stems from scripture which is the foundation of each painting. My desire is to illuminate His already impressionable word with color and movement. I wish to captivate the audience and convey His message through art. When I paint, I feel his presence and try to express this energy through my paintings.” Our faith is the center of our home and is the source of all our peace. Everything we bring in to our home needs to be something we truly love! I’m so grateful to Sarah for listening to everything I described about my dream painting. The colors, textures, style, etc.. She created something even more beautiful than I had imagined! Check out the rest of her art HERE on Instagram.

This THREE TIERED WOOD BEADED CHANDELIER is one of my favorite additions to this room! When it comes to lighting, there are so many options for chandeliers. I wanted a chandelier that was neutral and would compliment our monochromatic color scheme. Combining various textures, metals, and raw materials seems to be where the magic is when keeping to a neutral palette. I LOVE beaded chandeliers. I used one in the nursery and it’s always the perfect, delicate touch to a room. As soon as I spotted this one, I noticed it looked like an upside-down wedding cake. I thought it looked magical and romantic, especially when the lights are flipped on. I also feel that the style of this chandelier is a bit unexpected for this modern bedroom. Don’t be scared to go against the grain my mixing styles and metals!

  • Bed sold out – Similar HERE
  • Nightstands sold out – Similar HERE
  • Side Table Lamps sold out – Similar HERE
  • Bench sold out – Similar HERE
  • Dresser sold out – Similar HERE
  • Mirror sold out – Similar HERE
  • Tall Floor Plant – HERE
  • Rug – HERE
  • Chandelier – Shades Of Light
  • Bedding sold out – Similar HERE
  • Pillows – HomeGoods
  • Blanket – AMAZON
  • Watercolor Family Portrait- Lil.and.E
  • Faux Cactus – Target
  • Fan – TjMaxx
  • Floor Basket – World Market
  • Gold Hammered Vase – Target
  • White Paper Floral Arrangement – HomeGoods
  • Palm Plant- real from Ikea
  • Blinds – HERE
  • Curtains – JCPenneys (8+ years ago)


  1. Christina
    February 26, 2019 / 1:11 pm

    For the accent wAll, did you encounter any issues with the wall being uneven? If so, how did it affect the measurements of the mdf placements?

    • Janene
      February 26, 2019 / 2:32 pm

      Hi Christina! The wall wasn’t perfectly even, so for some of the vertical pieces, they had to either sand or cut off at the ends to fit between the baseboard and the top board. For the horizontal pieces they made sure to always pick 3 or 4 that were cut perfectly the same length for one space. (They cut almost all of the verticals and horizontals in the beginning) For the last space, they had to custom cut the horizontal pieces to fit perfectly. Hope this helps!

  2. Yvonne
    February 26, 2019 / 1:13 pm

    Your bedroom makeover is wonderful!! We have the same curved windows and I’m wondering what rods you used? Thanks!!

    • Janene
      February 26, 2019 / 2:28 pm

      Thank you! Great question. So this is a little hard to explain, but here we go: We used three straight curtain rods. For each of the corners, the curtain (it only works with the curtain type that has individual pockets behind the fabric where the rod runs through) was half on one rod and half on the other rod. We extended the rod basically all the way to the adjacent wall at the corners and tightened the screw under the bracket to make sure it’s stable. The brackets at the corners are covered by the curtain. Best of luck!

      • Tierney
        May 15, 2020 / 12:08 pm

        This is a dream master room. What paint color is the walls? Did you match the ceiling and wall color? If so, it looks great. I would have never thought to do that.

  3. Sarah
    February 26, 2019 / 8:09 pm

    Hi! Can you please tell me what mattress y’all use? We just got a new king size bed and need a new mattress for it, and I’d live your recommendation! Thank you!

    • Janene
      February 26, 2019 / 8:37 pm

      Hi Sarah! We have the Sapira mattress. I actually included a review of it on my blog a while back. Click HERE if you want to read more about it! We’ve loved it.

  4. MK
    February 26, 2019 / 11:41 pm

    Hi Janene,

    I love your house makeover. Each room looks so bright and inviting. I know the paint color contributes to a lot of brightness in the before and after but was wondering if you could elaborate on what type of lighting you used through the house. Did you go for bright white light for your fixtures (recess lights, bathrooms etc) or mood lights? Hoping you could throw some light on it 😜

  5. Caty
    May 7, 2019 / 10:30 pm

    Hi! I reached out to you via Instagram and you suggested checking your blog. However, the links to your dresser/nightstand don’t work. Anyone know where Christina got her nightstands/dresser from? (:
    Many thanks! Xo

    • Janene
      May 21, 2019 / 9:33 pm

      Hi Caty, I’m not sure why the links aren’t working! The dresser and nightstands were all from joybird, so if you go directly to their site, you’ll be able to find them that way. Best of luck!

  6. Cath
    June 5, 2019 / 12:19 pm

    Hi Janene! I tried the dresser and nightstand link but unavailable

  7. Jenna
    July 22, 2020 / 6:20 am

    What colour are your walls painted?

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