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Hey there! I posted THIS SELFIE to my Instagram page last week and many of y’all asked if I could share a full nursery tour of her room! I kept it pretty simple and so I shot a few pictures to share here. If you scroll to the end, I’ll link all the items at the bottom of this post!

I’ll re-share the caption I included with the picture I snapped after Avery had fallen asleep on me. 💞Being a mom is not a test. And you can only fail at something if it’s a test. There’s no such thing as passing, which means there’s no such thing as failing. There is only you trying to be the best version of you. •All of us are messing it up… And we’re supposed to. All of us are doing an amazing job… As we’re supposed to. Our kids weren’t an assignment we were given to see if we could pass or fail. So the next time a person at the grocery store tells you “oh just wait until they’re teenagers!” and all you want to do is cry in your locked closet while thinking, “Really? I should enjoy this more because it’s only going to get worse?” you can relax, you’re on the right track. •You’re tired? Me too, sister. You’re exhausted and overwhelmed? Me too, mama. If being a mother isn’t a test and failure isn’t possible, it sounds like an invitation to let go of the little voice in our head that tells us we’ll never be enough. If you love them, you’re doing it right. If you’re trying to like them, you’re doing it right 😉 💛 #trying (Some of this was inspired by Jody Moore. Listen to alllll of her Better Than Happy podcast episodes for the best advice!! I’ve learned so much from her.)

This is my 3rd nursery to design. While each room has been SO different, they each have become my favorite calming place to escape to my babies. To begin designing a room, I like to find 1 piece that I’m obsessed with to set the style and vibe of the space. I knew that I wanted to mix florals and neutral textures. This combination is stunning, romantic, and whimsical to me. I chose “Rose” as Avery’s middle name simple because I’m in love with all things floral, and rose was the simple & sweet middle name perfect for her. For Avery’s nursery, THIS WALL FLORAL ARRANGEMENT is my favorite part of her room. This hanging floral piece was the inspiration behind Avery Rose’s nursery. And it is 200% prettier in person, pictures simply don’t do it justice. The brilliant hands behind the project are Emily’s, talented creator of Olive Rae Handmade, She has written up a DIY tutorial with detailed steps, along with photos AND where she purchased the products! Pop over to the post to see the simple process for creating your own.

A comfortable recliner was definitely a must! I wanted to make sure there was room for my baby to grow and be able to sit next to me. I also check to see if the recliner is tall enough to support my head. I chose THIS swivel AND glider recliner with the added Power Recline feature. The power recline is to. die. for. It makes reclining all the way into a sleeping position as smooth as butter. I’ve had the pull-lever to recline and I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to accidentally wake a sleeping baby because of that sudden bump from the lever. The power recline is worth it if you have the budget for it. I chose this Drew recliner in “Brushed White”. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It still looks brand new! I added a beaded white pillow with darling corner tassels along with a pom pom throw blanket to snuggle up with during story time.

Books are one of my favorite things to add to my children’s bedrooms. I love to find spontaneous moments throughout the day to take a moment from our days to tune everything out and snuggle with a book together. For Avery’s nursery, I snagged her favorite musical books along with a few letters & coloring picture books. Her favorite thing is to back up towards me and plop right into my lap!

Blanket Basket- Here

Favorite Baby Carrier- This Ring Sling


Crib- Gift

Pom Pom Blanket- HomeGoods or HERE

TeePee- Here or (HERE’s a more affordable option)

Chair- Oilo Studio

Chandelier Light- HERE

Hanging Plant- Ikea

Hanging Plant Holder- Amazon

Letter Sign- Etsy

Floor Plant- Ikea

Plant Basket- HERE or TJMax

Curtains- White Lace

Side Table- HERE

Lamp- Hobby Lobby

Round Mirror- Target

Wall Hanger- Amazon

Crib Sheet- Here

Dolls- Cuddle + Kind

Musical Book- HERE

Girl’s Dress- sold out but HERE’s another option

My White Top- HERE or HERE

My Skirt- HERE

My Favorite Lip Color- Liquid Lipstick

Favorite High Chair- HERE



  1. Lindsey Graves
    February 21, 2019 / 9:55 am

    What paint color did you use for the walls?

  2. Nora
    August 30, 2019 / 4:20 pm

    Where did u get the tent from??

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