Pool Chairs — White Perfection!

We just got back from our family beach vacation and this Texas heat is still in full swing! And I don’t care how much Halloween Walmart and Hobby Lobby are selling, I ain’t buying in to it right now, haha. But overall it’s been an incredibly mild summer here in the south so I’m not complaining. And when the kids will swim and splash for hours on end, It’ll be a sad day when the pool temperature feels too chilly to play.

For the last few months, I’ve received TONS of direct messages from my Instagram stories when we’ve hung out in the pool and y’all could see our white in-pool Ledge Lounger Chairs.

The top 2 questions that were unanimously asked were where they were from and how well they hold up. We all know purchasing light colored furniture will be a hit or miss. Always. Over the years, we’ve been through quite a bit of white furniture and I’ve had some terrible quality products that still came with a hefty price tag. I wanted to see how these chairs held up for an entire summer and I’m thrilled to share we’ve found a total gem!

My favorite part of our pool is the tanning ledge!

Actually, it is personally my most used space in the pool! My youngest babe lived on this ledge both last year and most of this summer. The only downside was it didn’t have any shade or anywhere for us to sit. We live in an area that receives quite a bit of wind and we need an incredibly sturdy umbrella and base to withstand the unpredictable breeze. I came across the COOLEST side table that was also an ice cooler!!! SAY WHAT?! A sleek, classy table that was also functional. I chose the Signature 22″ Side Table that came with a lid and a hold for an umbrella. We need shade and the ledge is my favorite spot to hang out and sip on an ice cold water or lime diet coke. This side table cooler with a built-in umbrella was the perfect set-up for a relaxing in-pool space. I read the reviews on the Ledge Lounger Umbrellas and was 100% sold. The quality of the fabric is thick and beautiful. The black stripes haven’t faded and it’s held up perfectly against our crazy, unpredictable Texas weather. I added a pair of the Signature Chairs and they have great lumbar support. They look super chic and have held up perfectly without a single scratch! The chairs are comfortable to lounge in since my kids are still too young to not have to watch.

I also received a few questions asking how the chairs and side table didn’t simply float off. haha. This is a SUPER good question and I wondered this myself. These products are hollow and made to be filled with water through strategically placed holes in the bottom. We filled them up and we’ve had zero problems. What’s even better? After an entire summer of playing hard, we don’t have ANY SCRATCHES on the chairs or side table! They’re designed to withstand the sun, water and chemicals of any pool and outdoor environment. We just wash them off every once in a while, and so far, so good! When it comes to quality pool furniture, Ledge Lounger is the creme de la creme. I highly recommend them if you’re looking to invest in quality in-pool furniture!

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  1. Katelyn
    September 22, 2019 / 1:20 pm

    I would take my husband and probably 2 of my sisters!

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