Why Didn’t I Start Sooner?!

Good morning! So I’m feeling super productive first thing this morning, while having all 4 kids with me… We just got home from picking up TONS of groceries, and breakfast donuts (I’ll admit that was a bribe to go to bed last night) all in one trip and while still in our pajamas. If your life is anything like mine, grocery shopping with a bunch of kiddos pulling anything and everything off the shelves is no easy feat. Not to mention, finding time to even go grocery shopping seems impossible some weeks! (Ok, most weeks these days…. between my business, Aaron’s orthodontic practice, keeping the kiddos happy and loved, investing in friendships, etc, etc, etc)

Aaron used to take care of most of the grocery shopping for the snacks and munchies, but he’s been getting busier and busier at his office, so the pantry has been looking pretty bare. I have NO clue why I haven’t tried out Walmart’s grocery pick-up until now. It’s wild to think how long I resisted ordering our groceries online. Now, there’s no going back! So, I’m using Walmart Grocery Pickup to order groceries and most of my household items online and then driving to the store to pick-up the stuff without leaving my car. It’s been seriously amazing!

But here were my initial hold-ups. “I’m so picky about choosing my produce, why would I let someone else pick it for me?” WELL as it turns out, there must be a hidden stash of good produce because they have only brought out the absolute best to my car. Gold Sticker for them. -“I know exactly where everything I buy is in the store, what it looks like, how much I want and I don’t want to have to find it online.” The other HUGE perk is once I placed my 1st order, my account keeps track of my usual items so that I can re-order in a cinch! The first time takes a few extra minutes (but still less time than actually going through the store while putting everything back on the shelf that my kids snuck in the cart) and then it’s easy peasy every time afterwards.

Even better, they gave us a code — Get $10 off first order of $50 or more: M2A3DZ3F!

Here are my beauty favorites!

  1. Nail Polish — I have almost every color in this Fast Drying nail polishes. I have 3 little girls that want me to paint their nails ALL . THE . TIME. And the only way little girls can have pretty nails is if that polish dries fast as all get out haha. We’ve used this brand for years and the color selection keeps getting better and better.
  2. Lip Gloss — I’ve tried new lip glosses but keep going back to these. They’re called butter glosses for a reason. Legit, feels like butter and the colors are fantastic. Every time I’m wearing a gloss and get compliments, I’m always wearing these.
  3. Eye Brow Pencil — This was THE best brow pencil that stepped up my brow game. The tip is super skinny so that I could be precise with drawing fab brows. The color selection was great. TIP: Taupe is the perfect shade for blondes. This pencil filled in my sparse brows for years giving an ultra natural finish. Now that I have my eyebrows micro-bladed, I still use this pencil when I want my brows darker when I’m wearing a full-face of makeup. Highly recommend.

How It Works! Step By Step Guide

  • Walmart gave us a sweet code! Get $10 off your first order of $50 or more USE Code: M2A3DZ3F!
  • NO charge to ever use this pick-up service. Go to walmart.com/grocery or download the grocery app to order and sign into your existing Walmart account.
  • Select your items. You can filter by either name brand OR generic items. And it saves your favorites for the future! We pretty much buy the same things every time, so after doing this a couple times now, I’m sold just for this reason alone! If an item is not available for your pickup or delivery order, personal shoppers will substitute for an equal or better item at no additional cost.
  • USE Code: M2A3DZ3F to get $10 off your first order of $50 or more! Offer good for first-time customers. (exp 1/31/2020)
  •  Reserve a Pickup time and date. I can generally order 12 hours in advance at the earliest. If you forget to add an item to your order, you can add additional items until a few hours before your pick up time.
  • Drive to your Walmart and follow the signs that guide you to the pick up area. Pull up your Walmart Grocery app and “check in”.
  • A Walmart Grocery Pickup worker will come to your window and confirm your groceries. Pop open your trunk and they’ll load them into your car while the kids simply keep wrestling and scream-singing in the back. They’ll ask for your digital signature and you’re on your way!

Thanks Walmart for partnering on this post!


  1. July 31, 2019 / 6:53 pm

    Wishing this shopping service had been around back in the days I needed it. Good for you, moms are so frazzled these days, anything helps.

    • Janene
      August 2, 2019 / 9:01 pm

      I know, this would have been so helpful back then, huh! Thanks so much. xo

  2. Gonca
    September 6, 2019 / 3:03 pm

    Hey! Jannny 💕💕💕 hi from Turkey 😘
    I could not find where you bought your carpets in this blog
    Could you help me please? 🙏
    I love it ❤️

    • Janene
      September 13, 2019 / 5:56 pm

      Hey! The rug is from Loloi Rugs 🙂

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