Happy With a Miserable Baby

Good morning, friends! We’re over halfway through our week and things are looking bright! Avery has had the sniffles + teething for what feels like months! It’s been exhausting for the two of us. When my babies are sick or teething, they don’t sleep or feed well. The extra congestion bothers her and she hasn’t been very happy about it. And the thing about being a mother is we feel their pain. If they’re miserable, we’re miserable. It’s easy to mirror their emotions and it always takes a toll on me until I realize that I have the option to change the way I view our crumby situation. Which led me to a whole lot of thought-work in controlling my perspective so that I could have a healthy mind-set. But boy is that exhausting at times! πŸ˜‰ Worth it. Empowering. And a heart full of hope is what I have when I focus on my mental health when the circumstances around me appear overwhelming.

-5 Things I do when my babies feel sick-

  • Nose Frida SNOT SUCKER. BEST THING EVER. If your young baby or child has a sinus infection and they’re pouring out snot or sound stuffy, buy this. And this one is best since it includes a travel case! I’ve gotten one before without the case and I’m so glad to have found this one to hold everything in 1 case. It includes saline and a special suction that pulls it all out. I didn’t use this with my first 3 kids and I was seriously missing out on how much faster this helps kid’s infections clear up!
  • FROZEN WASH RAG. One of my readers on Instagram gave me this suggestion and I use it all the time. When my little one is frustrated with teething I’ll give her a damp frozen wash cloth and she’ll chew it up! You can spice it up by dipping it in apple or white grape juice and then freeze it. A little taste of sweetness will surely make a fussy baby happy.
  • DRAW A BATHIt’s the perfect thing to calm her mood and distract her from the pain. I’ll toss in her favorite bath toys and let the bubbles foam in HER BATH TUB. The warm water sensations always seem to feel nice on her body.
  • SLIP HER IN A CARRIER +WALK. This always wins. Always. The fresh air gives us both exactly what we need. Even when it’s cold outside, I’ll bundle both of us up and she just loves it! My favorite 2 carriers since her birth is THIS WRAP and THIS CARRIER. Hands down, my 2 favorites.
  • NEW FEEDING TOY or BOTTLE. Avery started refusing solids, so I started using this Feeding Squirt Spoon from Boon. Game-changer, ya’ll! I pour pureed food into the spoon and it makes feeding a baby 10 times easier. Try it and you’ll see why. Such a good idea! We also tried out the NURSH bottles from Boon. They’re super cool for so many reasons that I’ll share below!

These bottles, ya’ll. It’s the best thing to happen to feeding since nipples. πŸ˜‰ NURSH’s cool design features a silicone pouch that collapses as my little one drinks, squeezing out the nasty gas-inducing air that causes colic. No straws, vents or valves here—so it’s a snap to clean and assemble and the silicone can even be boiled, sterilized, microwaved and frozen. Boobs, you’ve met your match.

We’re inching closer to bottles no longer being needed since she’s turning 1 soon (cue sobbing), so I’ll be using these versatile little bottle containers in lots of handy ways:

  • Silicone milk storage bags
  • Freezer packs
  • Baby food pouches
  • Sippy cups (just switch out the lid)
  • Snack containers

Boon NURSH bottles available exclusively at Babiesrus.com starting today, March 1st!

BOON is seriously one of our most favorite brands for baby essentials. I’ve linked the products we regularly use below!



  1. Audrey
    March 2, 2018 / 3:59 am

    I’m coming from France in Mississippi for 7 days, my little baby girl (27weeks) as teeth coming , ils so hard actualy πŸ™
    Thanks for tour precious informations… i running for looking for all your descriptions… !
    She’s so tired, its realy hard for mum to see our child like this on there moments…
    With thanks and love for your beautiful Family. audrey

  2. Trista
    September 15, 2018 / 1:31 pm

    I LOVE this chair! We received the Nursh bottle in a sample box and I just cleaned and used it for the first time a few days ago. Our 6 week old daughter has had lots of issues with gas but this bottle is a gamechanger! She rests more soundly and even her burps have quieted. We will be switching out all of our other bottles for these!

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