Favorite Family Moisturizer

This post is sponsored by Cetaphil

It’s been a long week with sick bugs floating around and we’re hoping to be soon on the mend! I think I’m doing my kids a disservice by trying to keep them separated when 1 child gets sicks. Because they a l w a y s eventually catch each other’s sick bugs. Instead of having 1 crazy week of sick kids we have a month strung out of sickness. So much relief in knowing things always mend and these sicknesses never last.

My kids LOVE going to our local gym! The days I’m not feeling like dragging myself and everyone else out the door my kids will come up to me begging for me to take them to the gym. Kids can make the best accountability partners because they never forget anything and they love to get out and play! I wrote this blog post that includes my favorite ways to make time to exercise and accountability partners are the best. 

Now that the cooler weather is coming through I’ve been feeling it in my skin. Mix the dry air + my hormonal, post-partum dry skin and I’m struggling to keep up. I was introduced to Cetaphil by my dermatologist when I was young and trying to get rid of my teen acne. I trust this brand so much and wanted to try the body moisturizing cream to use daily as part of my post-workout skin care routine. I noticed that it was quick absorbing, rich, and non-greasy. LOVE these aspects of a body lotion. Best of all, it’s clinically proven to strengthen the skin barrier and protect the most sensitive skin against dryness. Boom, count me in.

My oldest daughter has eczema and I’ve added this body cream into her skin care routine after baths. Since this cream is long-lasting she hasn’t experienced ANY itchiness from having such sensitive skin. The cream is a gem. Here’s the link to try Cetaphil’s body moisturizing cream with your own family!


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