7 Month Update!

Happy 7 months, baby girl! It’s been a wild month for us. We bought a house and we’re selling our house! We put our house on the market last week and have had a bunch of showings already. We actually have 3 today and so I’m away at the gym sweating up a storm 😉 Just kidding, I’ve been on the bike warming up for 45 minutes. Since things have been extra crazy I haven’t been exercising like I’d want to. More like, I haven’t been exercising at all. And I want fitness to stay a big part of my life and so I’ll commit now to scheduling in time to get my heart rate up and pump some iron. I think the endorphins and physical exertion will help me handle the stress of everything in a better way. And maybe to off-set all the extra Halloween candy.

Guys.. is it terrible to peak in on the realtor and clients from the video baby monitors?? Because we have been and have had the biggest giggles at seeing others obsess over and take selfies/videos of the triple bunk bed in the kids room. We’re just praying it sells within the next few weeks because cleaning and rushing out the door is exhausting. Even my closest need to sparkle because people care about closet storage. Ha!

Also! Avery got the H. Flu and has been feeling terrible for the last few weeks. The poor girl had a terribly sore throat and lost her voice. Which meant drinking and eating were both painful. She still nurses every 2-4 hours. So, we  haven’t done solids in a few weeks and she’s been nursing a LOT. Avery has also slept in her swing for half of her naps and that’s okay because I know she can sleep easily in her bed all night when she’s not sick. I think we’re officially over the sickness and so I’ll start transitioning her back into her crib to sleep. She typically still sleeps straight from 9pm-7:30am. See THIS POST for how I had all my babies sleeping 8 solid hours by 8 weeks!

I looooved this color of her romper and we used various shades of this for the roses and flowers. My darling friend Emily from Olive Rae Handmade has the most gorgeous collections for her custom floral crowns. We used preserved boxwood and fern for the greenery, preserved roses and dried globe amaranth for the flowers. This little girl still won’t stay on her belly. The moment she rolls over to her belly, she’ll arch her back and kick off her foot to roll on to her back. It makes me smile to see her so opinionated about it. She’s getting better about sitting up on her own. Avery is a big fan of silly noises and has the most quiet giggle. My other babies were SO loud and already sounded like pterodactyls by now. I don’t mind her quietness one bit 😉 Stay little my littlest! Time is flying


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