Today, this beautiful baby turned 6 years old. I wrote her birth story on our old family blog right after she was born. I’d love to share this with y’all over here with a quick copy & paste. I don’t know about you but I love a good birth story. I always read through Savannah’s birth story as I anticipated the arrival of each new babe. For me, those first few hours are nothing short of a miracle. A heavenly experience to hold in your arms the life you created. To finally put a face to a name. Meeting her for the very first time feels like yesterday since it was such a powerful moment for me. I’m grateful for this memory. The sound of her cry, the way her toes curled in, and my surprise at her long dark hair. Heavy sighs.. and tears. I love this sweet girl that made me a mom.

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While we were driving down to San Antonio, listening to The Lorax on repeat behind us, we realized that this was the very first time we had been on a family vacation with just our family of 6! We’ve been on plenty of trips with the kiddos, but family or friends have always been with us. So this was special to be with our own little family, giving each other alllll the attention, for a Thanksgiving getaway! AND, it was a surprise for the kids. They thought we were going for a long drive, haha. The JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort and Spa has got to be our favorite family getaway spot. View Post