Baylor Alumni Family Trip!

Woo Hoo! We jumped in the car early Friday morning to make it to our FAVORITE Texas family waterpark at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort! You can catch our previous family vacations HERE, HERE, and HERE! It has a zillion slides, a sandy beach, a huge baby/toddler swim area, delicious restaurants, cabanas, and beautiful rooms. It’s truly our favorite family spot right here in Texas!

One of our coolest memories was the moment we received the news that Aaron made it in to Baylor’s orthodontic residency program! The odds were SO slim (as in 6 spots and 320 applicants) and we were prepared to move out of state to continue his education. We had saved up for a down payment on our first home and had grown to love our community for those 4 years of dental school. The idea of selling our home and moving with our 3 young kiddos didn’t sound amazing… So match day was one of the best days of our lives! You literally get an email that tells you which school you “matched” with and where we’d be spending the next 3 years of our lives! Aaron was beyond thrilled to be accepted into his top choice and one of the very top orthodontic programs in the country, and we were both thrilled to be staying in Dallas!

Over the next 3 years Aaron grew incredibly close with his co-residents and amazing faculty/alumni that taught and mentored at the school. Every year the alumni from Baylor Ortho get together for a weekend of morning lectures for the doc’s and amazing dinners and relaxing by the pool for the families. Something we’re still laughing about was during the final evening with yummy dinner, kids awards, and DJ/dancing. All the kids got an award and got to go up to collect their medal. (like Ethan: “bravest big slider rider”. Avery: “best singer”). Well, when all the kids awards were handed out, a few medals were left so a girl gave one to her mom. Savannah quickly went up and very proudly and loudly announced in the microphone that she awarded Aaron “The Best Orthodontist” award in a room full of incredible orthodontists. The room erupted laughing, then some random booing. Aaron soaked it up and did some very obnoxious bows and fist pumps. The kids made fast friends over the weekend and all of us can’t wait for next year! I shared an IG post HERE

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