7 Years Cancer Free

Celebrating the strongest girl who fought the hardest fight. You’re the sassiest, baddest, and most beautiful babe we know. There’s no one like you. I shared a short video on Instagram HERE. I also saved fun videos from the weekend HERE IN MY STORIES. Check it out!

“Don’t hide your scars. Wear them as proof that God heals.”

This week was the anniversary from when Mel was first told she had triple negative breast cancer. We were all sitting around at a play date with our 2 year old firstborns. WE WERE SHOOK. She went through so much over the years and this week we spontaneously kidnapped her in celebrating of her 7th survivor-versary. We wanted to treat her to a weekend to honor the queen she is. We love you Mel!!!

Celebrating Rowen’s 1st birthday!! Mel and I met when our firstborns were 10 months old! I showed up to a playdate that a girl had setup at a baby gym. I didn’t know anyone, haha! I saw this cute girl Mel chatting about her son’s first birthday plans. I told her that I was planning a Winter ONEderland since Savannah’s birthday was a few days after Christmas. Wellllll whadya know, Rowen’s 1st birthday party was going to be a Winer ONEderland too! I knew I would love her from that moment on haha. We met up with a group of 10 of us girls for a playdate a few times a week. Our mama’s group planned annual trips starting in 2013 up until last year! We met on an online website called Baby Buddies (I don’t know if it still exists?). It was like a tinder but for new moms, haha. Girls would arrange played and I’d rsvp and show up with Savannah ready to play while not knowing a single soul there. Some of us connected more easily. We went through EVERYTHING together. All of these friendships were so important to me for that new mama season I was in the thick of experiencing. Some have moved. Some maintained busier jobs. Some formed other friendships. Over the last 9+ years of knowing them, I’m forever grateful for how much my heart needed them during those emotionally and physically exhausting years. They helped me truly understand how I never needed to feel guilty for not being the perfect mom. Our playdates, girl night outs, one-on-one sessions were allowing safe spaces to express heartaches, successes, and failures. Shoulders to cry on during divorces, miscarriages, moves, job losses, etc.. I whole-heartedly believe people find their way into our souls to help us through those seasons. And I’m forever thankful each of them allowed me to play a role in their lives.

My best advice for new moms… If you see a mom that you wanna get to know, PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Get her phone number. Arrange the playdate. Plan the dinner. Just got for it! Don’t worry about the “what ifs”. We only have one life to live and mamas need a support group.

2013 Getaway Trip (celebrating our bdays)
2012 Bingo Night (I won haha)
Surprise Party for Mel!
Friend date both wearing our Team Mel bracelets
Hair chop by sweet friend Jen
A surprise dinner for Mel
A surprise celebratory staycation celebrating 7 years
Dinner at Good Graces
Lime & oysters 🦪 First time for everything!

Thanks Marriott Uptown Dallas for hosting our beautiful stay and for the delicious dinner at Good Graces

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