Last Summer Getaway!

Last year, Aaron’s family planned an Alaskan cruise to celebrate his dad’s birthday this past week. Since that trip was cancelled and Aaron still had closed his orthodontic office for the week, we spontaneously road-tripped to our Texas beach in Galveston. The kids had such a blast!

In our pre-kid life, we lived an hour away from Galveston beach for a year. We made lots of trips and explored the island for our favorite restaurants and spots. It was so fun to visit those places! I’ll share a string of memories from the trip along with a list of the places we hit.

Our family stayed at Moody Gardens Resort. It was incredible to have an aquarium, rainforest, 3D and 4D movies all located on the same property. We used 4 day passes for our family to go visit all the fun attractions. The kids had such a fun time meeting a penguin at the aquarium!

I slipped away to the spa while the kids were at the pools. My experience was incredible there! Visiting The Strand with the kids was a no-brainer for us! Our favorite sweets shop is La King’s Confectionery which is a throwback to the 1920’s. We got the old-fashioned root beer floats, homemade salt water taffy and chocolates, and a bunch a fun kid candies! We visited Stewart Beach for our beach time since it had onsite bathrooms. Another great set of family memories in the books.

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