Date Night


Reminding me what butterflies feel like since our 1st blind date 11+ years ago ❤️

With 4 lil’ kiddos, 2 businesses, and a gazillion commitments, I always try to snag a babysitter every week for us to go out for a date night! BUT then the covid pandemic hit. With his office shut down for 5 weeks and us being home together, all while trying to teach the older 3 their new homeschool routine, we felt overwhelmed. Aaron and I were living an entirely new life together and to be completely honest, it was awful for the 1st few weeks.

We felt as though we were newlyweds trying to figure out how to work together all over again, but on a whole new level that we hadn’t experienced. We needed to have new, vulnerable conversations expressing our new needs and expectations for how we could support each other through this transition. We both decided to extend more trust, space, and grace. We tried swapping out criticism with deeper encouragement. Instead of trying to make him follow my schedule and routine with the kids, I let him create a new rhythm. We quit trying to mold the other person into becoming like ourselves and instead allowed their strengths to shine brighter. He helped me manage my time more effectively while I helped him add more stillness and self-care into his days. We’re still practicing this and working through it since the Covid isn’t going away any time soon! Starting last week, we picked up our patio date nights with couples who’ve been social distancing like we have since March. There’s something about a date that helps me wanna flirt and keep that fire alive & burnin’! If you haven’t given your Loverbuns a big ol’ makeout sesh today, then commit now before you hit the sack tonight. Or better yet, when you hit the sack 😳😂 Your love is worth it. Your relationship is worth the new conversations to pour out support where they need it 🥰 #trying

TELL ME! On a scale of 1-10, how difficult has Covid been on your relationship with your better half?😉 And what’s something powerful (but simple!) you’re learning to make the best of things? I wanna know your stories!

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