Avery Rose Turns 3!

T H R E E. Avery Rose turned 3 today and I share a few favorite pictures and videos of her life HERE on this Instagram post. Spoiler alert, there are lots of double chins featured there, haha.

She spent her last night as a 2 year old sleeping in a brand new big girl bed. It was just a twin size mattress on the floor. We were sitting in her rocking chair last night and I asked her if she’d like to sleep in her crib or on her big girl bed. Avery slipped down my legs on to the floor while squealing for her big girl bed. She jumped up and down on the mattress like a wild banshee. It was love at 1st sight, and a lump formed in my throat. Another year, another mile stone. It’s heartwarming to watch her grow into herself and discover new joys. But it’s always followed by a hidden layer of “baby-ness” she’s leaving behind. Motherhood is such a wild ride of highs & lows. Growing into the new while kissing the old goodbye. There’s this ebb and flow continually swirling each child, nearly every month. With my older kids (ages 6 & 8), I remember days going by with 10+ outfit changes. The girls would hop from one princess dress to the next every. single. hour. It was cute and silly… until it wasn’t. haha. And then a few years passed by and there were no more princess costumes covering the floors. Although it felt annoying to pick up those cheap dresses and panties every hour, a smile lifts my spirits as I remember the contagious thrills they had pretending they were true princesses. It’s a special thing to gain small tokens of wisdom to enjoy these silly and short-lived phases with Avery.

Avery Rose is spending her 3rd birthday playing pretend with her 3 adoring siblings. She opened a few handmade gifts from them and we all sang happy birthday to her! She dressed in her favorite Sleeping Beauty outfit while blowing out candles from her Sleeping Beauty cake. Her doll was dunked in a simple rosette cake, easy peasy. Avery has already hopped into Beauty and the Beast Belle’s dress and now she’s snuggle in her pajama gown.

We’re so grateful for the cutest + loudest caboose there ever was! You can check out her BABY SHARK 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY and AVERY’S 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE SMASH.

“How old are you?”

(most awkward number for a kid to show with their fingers, haha)

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