Holiday Gifts + Abercrombie Kids

Y,all! It’s Christmas in only TEN days! Are you ready for it?? I’m so excited, and ready or not, here it comes! Our Christmas’ over the years have evolved and I’m loving more and more how we spend our holiday celebrating all of what this special day represents.

This will be our 1st Christmas having Aaron finished with school and us now with a steady income. Up until this year, gifts under the tree were full of $5 toys, a few books, and loads of candy. Aaron and I have skipped swapping presents for each other because school loan money is not easy paying back, haha. I worked a part time-job teaching fitness classes at a few local gyms. Other than that, there wasn’t much wiggle room in our monthly budget to splurge on gifts and toys, especially since our 3 older kids’ birthdays are all within a week of Christmas! 

What do I want Christmas to look like this year? What type of memories do we want to create as a family? More than anything, I want to be purposeful about what we give each other. The biggest thing I don’t want to do is overload the kids with a bunch of toys that clutter up rooms and eventually get thrown away. I want to invest in meaningful things my kids can find value in. 

A few things we’ll gift this year are educational activities, 1 good toy they’ve been really wanting, crafts, date coupons with mom & dad, clothes, and treats! Aaron and I might even do gifts this year for each other 😉 

I had a lot of fun snagging a few gifted outfits from abercrombie kids since I’ve always been a fan of their stylish clothes. I can feel a difference in the quality from their denim to their outerwear. I still remember begging my mom for a few A&F shirts for Christmas when I was a tween! And now, some of my favorite sweatshirts and jeans are Abercrombie.

They have the cutest kids collections including their Everybody Collection. It’s all cozy and gender neutral which helps make shopping for gifts a piece of cake! But I was obsessed with their Parkas and Puffer Jackets. Right now, all coats are 50% off! Especially THIS red puffer jacket. My kiddos love them because they’re sherpa-lined and CRAZY soft. And y’all, check out the beautiful faux fur-lined hood. It’s a stunner! We paired it with THIS coziest pull-over on Savannah and the twins wore THIS striped sweater. These outfits fit great over a few pairs of skinny jeans in BLACK for the girls and a MEDIUM WASH for my little man! These jeans are fit comfortably and they match everything. It’s a parenting win! 

Thanks Abercrombie Kids for sponsoring this post!


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