School Shopping for Our 1st Kindergartner!

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My oldest baby is entering Kindergarten. There. I said it. Cue the tears or toss some confetti, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Is my 5.5 year old ready for school?! You bet. Am I excited for her to make new friends and learn more about the world around her? Of course I am! Am I ready for her to be exposed to potentially mean classmates or condescending remarks from adults? Oh that breaks my mama heart just thinking about it. What better time to learn to be a joy to everyone, while treating others with respect than in school with your peers who are learning to do the exact same thing?

I don’t know if she understands that she’ll be away from home for a full day! She just finished Pre-K and absolutely loved her teacher and the entire experience. But she was back home by 11am, so I am a bit nervous with how she’ll handle being at school for lunch. She even still naps with her twin siblings! ha! So, we’ve cut the naps to help her become accustomed to staying awake all day.

To ramp up her excitement to start school we went Back to School Shopping with the entire family! My 3.5 year old twins will still stay home with me this next year but we all felt they deserved to join in on the school shopping. You didn’t have to twist my coordinating-clothes-obsession’s arm <wink wink>.

When it comes to shopping and choosing clothes my girl’s will love I go with shops that have my favorite trends while still being affordable. JCPenney is packed with great styles that feel effortless to put together! Our little sister adores her big sister and will wear ANYTHING she sees her big sister wearing. Lucky me! I buy two of everything. We picked 2 coordinating femme tops. I’m a huge fan of flowing tops in feminine shades with ruffle, flutter sleeves and lace details. It’s the cutest touch of elegance for an everyday look. And I picked a few more prints in the same style since they’re on sale for only $7! These were the perfect tops to soften their darling, military green button-up skirts. I also picked 2 chambray dresses with a burst of colorful tassels trimming their flutter sleeves. I adore this combo for the girl’s play dresses since it’s so easy to slip on and go! Typically, I coordinate my son’s outfit depending on what the girl’s are wearing. (He loves it haha) I chose for him to wear fun pop-color pink shorts (I have to admit he wasn’t sold on the pink initially— when I pulled them out he quickly crossed his arms and said “Those are pink! They not mine!) paired with a white button-down shirt. It’s a classic back-to-school outfit. I loved the outfit so much I bought a few other colors in the same style because of their sales. The shorts were only $5! He also wore a dark chambray button-down shirt with navy polk pin dots. My hubby is on their website right now looking for the same shirt in his size. Ha! It’s definitely a cute and relaxed style the entire family could wear. And now that their wardrobes are completed for the school year we can sit back and enjoy our long summer days for the next few weeks until we start Kindergarten!


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