4 Months + Mom Fail Story

Avery truly has been the sweetest caboose to our family. When I think back to how life was while juggling the newborn twins, I just remember feeling like it was all a blur. My sister-in-law came in town for a week to help and another friend took off work for 1 week to help… and then it was all me. I struggled with not having the ‘down time’ to cuddle and relax since there was another baby that needed to bed fed/burped/changed etc (and a brand new 2 year old). To say that this has been the sweetest chapter to end on would be a huge understatement. I am SOAKING her chubby cheeks up!

But most of the time my mind is stretched pretty thin and I’ve gotta share my biggest “mom fail screw-up” with Avery.  Last month, Savannah graduated from pre-k and her ceremony was scheduled right before I needed to zip off to the gym to teach a group fitness class. Typically, I drop Savannah off at pre-k, then I teach the fitness class, and then I pick her back up from pre-k before 11am. So for her graduation ceremony day, I dropped her off and then drove the other 3 kids back home to change and get ready. We packed to be able to leave straight to the gym from the ceremony. Everyone was dressed, fed, and ready to go. I nursed Avery and then buckled her into her car seat and placed the carseat next to the door that opens to the garage. I had the twins use the potty and get their shoes on before heading into the car. I loaded the stroller, diaper bag (full of snacks to keep the twins stay happy at the ceremony), and gym bag into the car. We drove the couple minutes to the school and I parked in a prime spot! We were 5 minutes early. I was a freaking boss. I popped the trunk open and unloaded the stroller. I opened the side door to put Avery’s car seat into the stroller. But Avery’s car seat wasn’t in the car! SHE WAS STILL AT HOME. My brain couldn’t process what my eyes were seeing. ohmygosh. ohmygosh. ohmygosh. I threw the stroller back into the trunk. Slammed my door shut and sped home. How on earth did I miss that??? How did I not see her car seat right next to the door as I went in and out a bunch of times?! I called my hubby on the way home to vent about leaving Avery at home alone and that I’d miss Savannah’s graduation. I was too scared and ticked off to even cry. I zoomed into the driveway and found Avery bright-eyed and content as could be.I missed Savananah walking in her mini graduation. We got donuts. All was well. LIFE, you guys. This is my life. I’m surprised it took me 5.5 years to finally forget a child at home. I share this with the sole purpose to help invite other moms who “mess up” to know that mistakes happen and to be extra aware of that when you break routine. That’s what I was harshly reminded of. I’m sooooo grateful that Avery was safe throughout the experience.

I’m failing at getting her monthly photos done on time but they’re still getting done! And I have my awesome friend Emily to thank for that! She creates the most romantic floral crowns in her Olive Rae Handmade shop and has a large, gorgeous collection of preserved + dried leaves and flowers. She set up the “4” in flowers and we snapped some photos realizing it was totally skewed, haha! (Scroll down to the 5th photo to see the funny-looking 4. It makes me laugh!) She used Preserved willow eucalyptus (in olive green) + preserved sweet Annie + dried strawflowers (in dark rose) + pink globe amaranth.


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