Baby Avery

I DIED when I first viewed this gallery with photos of Avery! The styling, vibrance, and colors are better than I could’ve dreamed of! Scheduling this newborn session with Krystal was one of the best decisions I made during the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I ended up having a kidney/uterine infection a few days after giving birth. With 5 days filled with fevers and horrid back pain (felt exactly like my back labor!) around the clock, I had to reschedule her session. Once I was 24 hours fever-free, I dressed my 4 littles and slapped a whole lot of concealer underneath my eyes. We drove nearly 1.5 to have these gorgeous photos captured. And now I’m going to baby spam the crap out of this blog post with my favorite shots because they’re too good not to share of our sweet baby Avery.


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