EASIEST Way To Eat Healthy When You Don’t Have Time

Happy Thursday, friends! It’s been a sunny, beautiful day. The kids are about to go down for bed and Aaron & I will sneak in a workout, hang a chandelier that I’ve been dying to get up, and then relax while watching one of our favorite shows (The Last Ship is amazing). Now that school is in full swing for the kids, we’ve picked up doing regular home workouts together either in the morning or after the kids have gone to sleep. We’ll pop on a TV show in our movie room while lifting weights or cycling on the spin bike before we pass out for the night. I really LOVE this new routine! Aaron’s working 1 day a week as an associate orthodontist while working on building his practice which will open April 2019! We are so excited and are so thankful that the income from Hello Ivory Rose and my Instagram are supporting us in the mean time.

If you follow along with me on my Instagram stories, you’ll know I’ve been chatting a lot about eating a healthy diet and exercising. I don’t follow any particular diet and I avoid temporary fads like sugarless months, etc. When I’ve labeled particular foods as “off-limit” or “bad” then I mistake that to mean something about myself if I’ve given in the to “bad” food. So, to protect my relationship with food and to keep it balanced and positive, I full-heartedly believe moderation is everything and being intentional about what foods I’m eating and WHY I’m eating them. Easy to say, hard to do, right?? I’m a complete work in progress and I’ve got big goals! View Post