Mama Knows Best

Good morning, lovelies! Our oldest, Savannah, has been the hot commodity since being home from school. We’ve found our groove to these summer days. Savannah is 6 years old and can pull out all the belly giggles from our baby Avery. I think that’s a specialty of big siblings. They love to act silly and they know how to get a baby laughing their little head off. I’m SO grateful for Savannah’s sweet and nurturing spirit.

Years ago when the twins were born, Savannah hadn’t even turned 2 years old. It seemed as though she was a baby herself. I came home from the hospital with 2 car seats with 2 brand new babies. I have that moment on video but it’s forever burned in my heart. View Post

Savannah’s Birth Story

Today, this beautiful baby turned 6 years old. I wrote her birth story on our old family blog right after she was born. I’d love to share this with y’all over here with a quick copy & paste. I don’t know about you but I love a good birth story. I always read through Savannah’s birth story as I anticipated the arrival of each new babe. For me, those first few hours are nothing short of a miracle. A heavenly experience to hold in your arms the life you created. To finally put a face to a name. Meeting her for the very first time feels like yesterday since it was such a powerful moment for me. I’m grateful for this memory. The sound of her cry, the way her toes curled in, and my surprise at her long dark hair. Heavy sighs.. and tears. I love this sweet girl that made me a mom.

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8 Habits to Sleep Like a Baby

{“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”. Name that movie ๐Ÿ˜‰ }

A few days ago I noticed little Avery seems so intrigued with me eating. Hubs and I were snacking and kept noticing her just staring and smiling every time we started chewing! Seriously adorable. We talked about how there’s this whole new world she’s going to be introduced to with food, and then jokingly said “Is there anything better in life than eating?” Tough question. And there may only be one thing in the whole world better than eating….. View Post

My “Bubble Gum Belly”

Y’all. I’ve been absolutely floored by the reaction to this one photo I shared on Instagram recently. I was humbled and brought to tears when nearly a thousand women reached out by sharing their own familiar stories while offering me encouragement for being real and honest about the changes that come with becoming a mother. This post was shared by a few media outlets like Huffington Post Parents,ย Huffington Post UK, PopSugar, Daily Mail,ย Trending World, Metro, andย Poland. It BLOWS my mind to see this message that I feel passionate about has reached so many people that identify with this reality. View Post

6 Weeks Post-Partum

Hi everyone! It’s a cloudy Saturday afternoon and I have sweet baby Avery snoozing her little dreams away on my bed right next to me. It’s calm, peaceful, and the only moment I’ve had to hop on here to jot down a short update! It’s been 6 weeks since this baby girl has made me a mama of 4. I get asked all the time what that’s been like. Well, it’s been crazy, fun, chaotic, sweet, and exhausting. I basically have no clue what I’m doing! We still haven’t reached the milestone of having a solid daily routine because I am 100% winging it each day. And that’s when I realize it’s pretty great not having a handbook to parenting so that I don’t have to feel like I’m butchering this motherhood gig. The kids have embraced having a little sister and that’s made my world go round. View Post