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Daddy the Dentist + Tom’s of Maine

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Good morning, friends! I’m always a bit sad this time of year to say farewell to the late sunny evenings. But If I had a nickel for every time I heard View Post

4 Ways to End Lunch Time Battles

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Meal times with kids is not for the weary. And feeding kids lunch has proven to be a battle for a TON of my friends and definitely for me! In case you find yourself struggling to get your kids eating your nutritiously prepared food, know that you’re in good company! View Post

The Best Way to Satisfy Cravings

I just got home from teaching my fitness class and now the 3 littlest kids are all down for naps. How they’re all sleeping at the same time is beyond me! I think persistence and a lot of luck went into each of their sleep training. HA! View Post

8 Habits to Sleep Like a Baby

{“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!”. Name that movie 😉 }

A few days ago I noticed little Avery seems so intrigued with me eating. Hubs and I were snacking and kept noticing her just staring and smiling every time we started chewing! Seriously adorable. We talked about how there’s this whole new world she’s going to be introduced to with food, and then jokingly said “Is there anything better in life than eating?” Tough question. And there may only be one thing in the whole world better than eating….. View Post