Dallas in the middle of summer can get a little hot. That might be a bit of an understatement… it gets REALLY hot. When we moved into our home 6 summers ago it was above 100 degrees for the entire first month! If we’re not spending our time hiding from the heat indoors with the air conditioning blowing full blast, we’re outside and in the water. Pools, splash pads, backyard sprinklers…. as long as water is involved, being outside is still an option! And the kids absolutely love it! BUT with their love for water comes the many, many scary experiences we’ve had around pools with my little ones falling/jumping/being pushed in the water. View Post

Hi everyone! It’s a cloudy Saturday afternoon and I have sweet baby Avery snoozing her little dreams away on my bed right next to me. It’s calm, peaceful, and the only moment I’ve had to hop on here to jot down a short update! It’s been 6 weeks since this baby girl has made me a mama of 4. I get asked all the time what that’s been like. Well, it’s been crazy, fun, chaotic, sweet, and exhausting. I basically have no clue what I’m doing! We still haven’t reached the milestone of having a solid daily routine because I am 100% winging it each day. And that’s when I realize it’s pretty great not having a handbook to parenting so that I don’t have to feel like I’m butchering this motherhood gig. The kids have embraced having a little sister and that’s made my world go round. View Post