Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s been a quiet week for us so far. This mama caught the flu, and in between the fevers + sore throat I’ve been doing a bang-up job at keeping things lazy as can be. I’m pretty good at being lazy when need be, if I’m being honest 😉 . But the quietness never lasts for long with my bubbly crew. These 4 kids keep things wild and fresh. They were the cutest maniacs, driving their strollers around our local, outdoor mall. I’m glad the baby was in my bassinet and not their’s! They were a riot, loving every second of it. Breathing it all in. But I started to have a hard time balancing my need to control the situation versus letting them just. be. kids. They’d get a bit too far for comfort or would bump into oncoming shoppers and I’d raise my mean mama voice to grip control. Me feeling like they were driving me crazy might be more of a reflection of me than it is of them. They’re all 5 and under and their ability for self-control is fairly low on the scale, especially when measured against my own. And so I’m working on that today. Controlling less, guiding more. View Post

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It was definitely a transition going from dating my hubby while I was pregnant to dating with an infant. And, if I’m being honest, I’ll subtly admit that View Post

N I N E YEARS! wow. Aaron is my person. 9+ years ago we both were in the right season of life when my sister casually set us up on a blind date while we were in college at BYU in Utah. I had been studying late at night for an anatomy exam when my phone vibrated with a call from him (he later told me he had just called my sister beforehand to make sure he would pronounce my name correctly, lol) asking if he could take me out that evening. Um ok! Hot tubbing? Yeah, fine. <run to the bath to shave legs>. It was the first date in a long time where butterflies swarmed my tummy. View Post

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My oldest baby is entering Kindergarten. There. I said it. Cue the tears or toss some confetti, I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. View Post

Hi! I finally did it, y’all. I created this small corner of the Internet in hopes of sharing my passions on mothering, fitness, fashion, and everything in between. What fanned the flame to begin blogging was my message box in Instagram always overflowing with questions regarding exercising during and after pregnancy, healthy diets, baby schedules, dressing a baby bump, hair tutorials, etc. Since Instagram doesn’t have enough caption space for all of my chatter, Hello Ivory Rose was born. View Post