TUTORIAL: How I Curl My Hair

Good morning, lovelies! I’m FINALLY sharing a detailed guide of how I curl my hair! Whether you have short, long, or medium-length hair this will work for you! I’ve had lots of requests to share this tutorial and I thought there was no better time than being thick in the trenches of post-partum hair loss. HaHa! View Post

2 Llamas + 10 Things Happenin’

Happy fall, y’all! Cooler temps have officially hit the mid 50’s and I’m not even sad about it. Especially since it’ll probably be back in the 90’s this weekend, LOL. Is it swimsuits or chunky knit sweaters?? I love the transition from Summer to Fall. It’s a bit nostalgic since that’s when Aaron and I were newlyweds doing allllll the fun things BYU kids do in Utah. Here’s a few things happening in October.

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What I Wish I Had Known Before Breastfeeding

Good morning, friends! It’s been a while since I last shared about my breastfeeding journey and so I’d love to View Post

How to Style New Trends WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Budget!

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited to share with you about my favorite ways to style in new trends while on a budget! I was so thrilled when Modern Texas Living Magazine reached out asking me to answer a few Q&A’s! I received a copy of the magazine and Clint Harp from Fixer Upper was on the front page! He’s Chip and Jojo’s right-hand guy. I’m such a fan girl with that entire crew. LOVE him and his cute family! I teared up when I saw the magazine because it felt SO rad to see one of my favorite pictures of Savannah and I hanging out on my bed while I was breastfeeding Avery. It’s just too cool. I can’t wait to stop by Magnolia Farms in Waco as this Texas heat takes a turn towards the crisp, beautiful fall weather. I’ll include the brief interview with the magazine, some of my favorite shops for me and the kids, including a look into one of my favorite boutique shops, The Shelle Company.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Yourself-

Hi! I’m Janene. I was born and raised here in Texas. I’m the wife to my college sweetheart who has made me a mama to 4 beautiful babes. A 5-year-old spirited girl, 3-year-old boy & girl twins that absolutely adore each other through an unrecognizable chit-chat and throw-down wrestling, and our ever-adored, tiny caboose baby girl. I created Hello Ivory Rose blog and @janenecrossley on Instagram to share my raw experiences as a mom and my passions for fashion, fitness, and nutrition. But, Diet Coke and chocolate are my jam.

How Do You Stay Current With What is New Or In Style At The Moment?

Oooh. Well, I have a lot to catch up on now that my wardrobe selection has expanded from my tiny maternity section. I love receiving fashion blog posts from my favorite bloggers directly to my email! It cuts down on time spent scanning the internet for inspiration.

Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Posts?

I like to share the sweetness that I catch through glimpses of our ordinary daily life. The moments I want to remember inspire my posts. Some of my inspiration stems from simply styling items from sponsored brands in the most authentic way my family would typically use them.

How Do You Retain Your Followers and Get Them to Interact?

As a whole, I think we all want to feel that we’re legit friends through our screens on social media. And real friends can see the up and down rollercoaster that life can throw at us. Being vulnerable to my followers through sharing both weaknesses and successes fosters a connection. People want to know the real person behind the post and that’s what I think is great about provoking questions at the end of posts and responding to comments. When I’m not able to respond to all the comments, I try to get to the last few!

What Is Your Favorite Way to Style Basics?

I have a fairly simple and feminine style as far as my clothing goes. I’m drawn to solids and stripes,  and tons of textures like crochet, lace, or embroidered looks. I’ll pair simple outfits with pops of color in my accessories. I think having a great rotating set of accessories lets your keep up with trendy fashions without needing to replace your basic tees and jeans. And this is definitely how I dressed up my baby bumps. Whimsical jewelry, shades, lip color, and shoes were all I needed to feel a little more put together on rough pregnancy days. It remains the same now that I’m without a baby bump. Every girl needs a great pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re the perfect staple to pair with an oversized top to lounge around home or to dress up for a night out with cute block heels and a blouse. Being creative with accessorizing is my favorite way to style with new trends without sacrificing my comfort or budget.

The Shelle Company is one of my favorite boutique shops! Michelle, the owner, is an absolute doll and has created the cutest line featuring all of my favorite, affordable basics! She has everything from plaid prints to ruffled sleeves, embroidered tops, adorable collars, jewelry, dresses, and more! I LOVED this blue knit top for 2 reasons: it’s lined with buttons to make it nursing-friendly and for the darling ruffles bordering the kimono sleeves. I also picked up a hunter green wrap dress that is nursing-friendly, as well! This open back denim romper has been the cutest cover-up for days at the pool. The brass buttons around the neck and zipper are simple touches. If you haven’t taken a look at their collection then you’re missing out!

My favorite shops for kid’s clothing include 3CLAPS, Harpers Chic Closet, Kate Quinn Organics, Lew Mew Baby, local consignment shops, h&m, and hand-me-downs from friends! These CUTE flamingo ruffled swimsuits are from here! The girls are OBsessed with matching each other. If our big sis strips down to her undies then so will the other. I have no doubt baby Avery will join in on the fun.

Make Going Out with Kids Easier

Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s been a quiet week for us so far. This mama caught the flu, and in between the fevers + sore throat I’ve been doing a bang-up job at keeping things lazy as can be. I’m pretty good at being lazy when need be, if I’m being honest 😉 . But the quietness never lasts for long with my bubbly crew. These 4 kids keep things wild and fresh. They were the cutest maniacs, driving their strollers around our local, outdoor mall. I’m glad the baby was in my bassinet and not their’s! They were a riot, loving every second of it. Breathing it all in. But I started to have a hard time balancing my need to control the situation versus letting them just. be. kids. They’d get a bit too far for comfort or would bump into oncoming shoppers and I’d raise my mean mama voice to grip control. Me feeling like they were driving me crazy might be more of a reflection of me than it is of them. They’re all 5 and under and their ability for self-control is fairly low on the scale, especially when measured against my own. And so I’m working on that today. Controlling less, guiding more. View Post