T W E L V E months… of you becoming the most social and sweet baby. Your entire body still shows all that you feel in your heart. We love that about you. And teeth, girl!!! For alllll of last month you had the silliest snaggle tooth grin. Seeing your wide-mouth grin made me laugh out loud every single day. You’re such a ball of joy. Happy 12 months, baby girl.

I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s on my instagram from you girls who are feeling super lost which I can obviously relate to since I’ve been sharing my own feelings in these last few blog posts HERE + HEREMaybe you’re stuck in funk, too? I’ll dive in to those feeling in this post AND in another one coming later this week! Especially the struggle to commit to self-care through exercise and what makes success happen even with my crazy + busy + mom life. It’s important to plan your day with purpose and I’ll share how I do mine. Want to change your behavior, too? Then change your mindset and perspective. View Post

E L E V E N months… of you sprouting teeth like it’s a full time job! View Post

Good morning, friends! We’re over halfway through our week and things are looking bright! Avery has had the sniffles + teething for what feels like months! It’s been exhausting for the two of us. When my babies are sick or teething, they don’t sleep or feed well. The extra congestion bothers her and she hasn’t been very happy about it. And the thing about being a mother is we feel their pain. If they’re miserable, we’re miserable. It’s easy to mirror their emotions and it always takes a toll on me until I realize View Post

Happy 9 months, baby girl! Time is flying and I’m trying my best to keep up! I’m late to this 9 month update and before I know it she’ll be 10 months and then like a week later she’ll turn 1 year! YOU GUYS.. I’m not ready for my baby to become any less of a baby <insert hysterical tears>. View Post

Bottle-feeding Avery has been no easy feat! And if I’m being completely honest, sometimes it’s been a bigger hurdle than sleep-training. Gasp, right?! View Post