My Journey To Motherhood + Tender Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Sunday, sweet friends!!! It’s sunny and gorgeous outside! I love this time of year, in between spring and summer. We’re soaking up the longer days outside and the kids are giddy as all get out to jump in their pool! Bring on the early summer days!

It’s Mother’s Day in a few short weeks!! What a great reminder to step back and feel extra gratitude and love for the mother’s in my life. This holiday also helps me feel more abundance in the efforts I put into this calling I love so dearly. My husband usually asks me if there’s anything extra he can do to View Post

Lily Jade GIVEAWAY + Diaper Bag Essentials!

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend! Tonight, we’re celebrating my hubby’s birthday with a dinner and movie. Keeping things casual after last weekend where he surprised me with a Roaring 20’s Murder Mystery party to celebrate my 30th birthday! Our birthdays are a week apart, it’s been fun to share the weeklong celebrations together for the last 10 years. View Post

1st Birthday Cake Smash

Her cake smash session was short, sweet, and so much fun. It was 3 weeks before her birthday when I honestly realized it was THREE WEEKS BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY. I love a garden, romantic boho theme but here in Texas March is full of plenty of cold and warm days. It was 1-2 weeks before her birthday when I asked my friend Emily if she could shoot the session outdoors since the weather would be warm and sunny! It all came together SO beautifully.

It’s been a cute tradition to do this 1st birthday cake smash and if you scroll allllll the way down to the bottom of this post you’ll find Savannah’s + the twin’s session. Savannah’s was beautiful as well. The twin’s session was a HOT MESS. I’ll share my favorite unedited pics at the end of this post, HAHA! View Post

5 Things You Should Be Doing Every Day For Yourself!

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’ve been talking with y’all a lot about my journey to emotional health. It began about a year ago when I started listening to new podcasts that focused on living a happy life and recognizing we have full control over our thoughts and emotions. I put a lot of time and energy into my physical health. But what was I doing to protect my mind and emotional health? It’s such an important aspect to wellness that seems to be easily overlooked, especially by me!

Even if our circumstances are pretty crumby and our kids are getting bullied, or we might have a difficult boss + co-workers, strained relationships with family, or if we simply feel so very alone, there’s power available to help us honestly believe we are at peace. The way we view our relationships with others is completely up to us! Our relationship with our spouse or friends actually has very little to do with their behavior and EVERYthing to do with the thoughts we choose to have about them. I’d love to share with you the 5 things I do to work on my own self-care.

  1. SET REALISTIC GOALS. The moment I decide I’d like to achieve something, I write it down. With my crazy schedule, things won’t happen unless I commit myself to paper. Whether it’s something I’d like to learn or achieve or accomplish, I write the goal and the end result down. I have pretty lofty goals and the key to reaching each of those goals is to not over-schedule myself. I only focus on a couple things at a time. TIP: avoid multi-tasking. YES! I’ve found that the more I multi-task by beginning lots of projects then the less likely I am to finish them. Once I begin a project I do my best to see if through to the end. Same goes for the running a household. I try to teach the kids that we aren’t done getting dressed in the morning until all of their dirty clothes are put away. We aren’t done with dinner until the dishes are put in to the dishwater. See what I mean? Finish what you start, and that might mean multi-tasking a whole lot less. The more I see myself reaching my goals the more determined I am to place value on the work I do. Aim high but don’t over-schedule.
  2. VALUE YOURSELF. Treat yourself with respect and avoid criticism. What is your inner voice saying? Are you living in the past and recounting your mistakes? Or are you living in the future by surrounding yourself with doubts and fears? Choose to take moments each day to listen to your inner voice and what thoughts you’re choosing to listen to. When you find yourself drowning in fearful + critical thoughts, refuse to indulge. You have full power! Take time each day to remind yourself the things you admire about YOU. Yes, you. No one can take care of you the way you can. No one can notice all of your daily efforts like you do. Take notice and value yourself enough to offer grace and appreciation for everything you are.
  3. LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS. We weren’t meant to be happy all the time. Life is full of opposition and you probably see it in every direction. And running away from stress might actually be the worst thing you can do. The best thing I’ve learned with stress is to lean into it. CALL IT OUT of hiding. Shine the light on it. Often times stress will manifest itself in odd ways until you identify the true source. Where do you feel the stress? In your chest? Or in the pit of your stomach? How does it feel? What thoughts are you having? OWN your stress and shine the light on it by talking through it with a true friend. Running away from stress will have you running in circles. Talk about it. Own it. And choose to not live in the past or live in fear of the future.
  4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. It’s so much easier to have a good perspective when you’re taking care of your body. Endorphins help us feel happy. We know this. There are far too many studies out there to prove the benefits of physical activity! Exercise helps decreases depression and anxiety. Nutritious meals and sleep help our bodies function so much better! Amazing scented candles and body washes help lift our spirits and mood. Our entire family uses Ivory’s Free & Gentle Body Wash. I’m dealing with post-partum skin dryness and all 4 of my children have skin sensitivities as well. I really appreciate that this body wash is free of dyes and parabens so that it’s gentle enough for all skin types and contains the #1 dermatologist-recommended moisturizing ingredient. It adjusts to everyone’s skin ph levels making it easy for this mama to only buy 1 product that works for the entire family. I’m finding more and more that I am my best self for me and everyone around me when I take care of my body!
  5. STRENGTHEN CONNECTIONS WITH GOOD PEOPLE. Strong relationships with family and friends create a solid emotional support. Lean in to those who have your best interest at heart! Take time to plan quality moments with your friends and family. Put away the phones + electronics and schedule a night where you chat about how the week went for each family member. What was difficult? What moments were joyful? Find experiences you can celebrate together! Especially with my hubby, scheduling time to re-connect is a MUST with our crazy, hectic lives.

Thank you Ivory for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


T W E L V E months… of you becoming the most social and sweet baby. Your entire body still shows all that you feel in your heart. We love that about you. And teeth, girl!!! For alllll of last month you had the silliest snaggle tooth grin. Seeing your wide-mouth grin made me laugh out loud every single day. You’re such a ball of joy. Happy 12 months, baby girl.

I’ve been getting a lot of DM’s on my instagram from you girls who are feeling super lost which I can obviously relate to since I’ve been sharing my own feelings in these last few blog posts HERE + HEREMaybe you’re stuck in funk, too? I’ll dive in to those feeling in this post AND in another one coming later this week! Especially the struggle to commit to self-care through exercise and what makes success happen even with my crazy + busy + mom life. It’s important to plan your day with purpose and I’ll share how I do mine. Want to change your behavior, too? Then change your mindset and perspective. View Post